Fraud Claims


Being in the securities business as well, Mains Law Office is very aware of the consequences a complaint can have on a Financial Advisor’s reputation, licensing, and record. Come talk to our office to understand from an insider’s point of view what the consequences or implications result from a complaint. We will share our insight and help to determine if you have a legitimate argument with respect to your investment loss.

Types of Securities Claims

Stockbrokers, registered investment advisers and financial planners are required to deal with their clients with the utmost integrity. They are not permitted to place their own interests ahead of their clients. This duty is called a fiduciary duty because they are in a position of trust. If the stockbroker or investment adviser breaches that fiduciary duty and causes you injury, you may have a stock fraud claim and may be able to recover damages for any losses caused by the stockbroker’s misconduct.

The federal and state securities laws protect investors from material misstatements of fact as well as the failure to disclose a material fact in connection with the purchase or sale of securities. Since securities are defined very broadly, these laws may apply to many different financial instruments. In addition to misstatements and omissions in connection with the purchase or sale of a security, there are a number of other types of securities fraud claims. We'll cover a few of them below.